Religion_60The Archive has the most extensive collection of materials on the United Evangelical Lutheran Church. These materials include district and convention reports, official correspondence, records of some defunct congregations (such as Golgotha), church publications, individual church histories, and information on institutions founded by that church body, such as Oaks Indian Mission andTrinity Seminary. The Archive has both convention reports and some church histories for the American Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Danish Baptist Church.


culture_60The Archive has materials on a wide rang of cultural expressions. Books on food and recipe books describe classic Danish recipes as well as their Americanized cousins. Photos depict Danish folk dancing and Danish modern design. The music collection ranges from the records Peder back played on his radio show to extensive material on the life of opera great Lauritz Melchior to concerts by the Dana College Choir. The Archive has materials documenting the annual Danish celebration of American independence at Rebild, and a broad array of Christmas annuals.


education_60The Archive has extensive information on both Dana College and Trinity Seminary. The materials include catalogs, yearbooks, literary magazines, school newspapers, and lists of students, professors, and staff. The Archie also has materials on some fo the folk high schools founded by Danish immigrants, particularly Brorson and Elk Horn. There is some material on children’s homes, including Elim, as well as on Grand View College.


letters_60The Archive has a series of exceptionally rich collections of correspondence. The Hansen-Mengers collection contains 16,000 letters written from the late nineteenth to the late twentieth century. The Jorgensen and Walker-Johnson collections are nearly as extensive. These collections and others include regular correspondence with family members both in Denmark and the States. many of these letters are in Danish, though some have now been translated into English. The Archive also has several detailed diaries both in Danish and English.


organizations_60The Archive is the official repository of records of the Danish Brotherhood and the Society of Danish Engineers. It has information on other organizations, including athletic clubs, women’s associations, and the founding of the Danish Immigrant Museum.


Genealogy_60The Archive has a limited amount of genealogical information. It has materials on people who were buried in the Washington County, Nebraska, pastors of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, and members of the Danish Brotherhood. The Archive has a collection of obituaries and family files, but it does not have passenger lists. Minimum charge for a genealogical search is $20.00.

Business, Industry Professions

business_60Business records include those of family farms, ranches, construction companies, lumber companies and others.

The Archive has income tax records for some families and individuals.


books_60The Archive has a library of more than 10,000 books both in Danish and English. They represent a broad range of cultural themes, from art and architecture to biography and cuisine. There is and extensive collection of books published by Danish language presses, such as the Lutheran Publishing House in Blair, Nebraska. The Archive’s holdings include both classic and contemporary Danish literature, from Grundtvig and Kirkegaard to Hoeg and Stangerup. The Archive also has a large collection of songbooks and hymnbooks, as well as family Bibles. In addition, the Archive has a substantial number of books dealing with Danish immigrant history and religion, including accounts of several North American communities with extensive Danish populations. The Archive seeks to collect books that were used by Danish immigrants, whether or not the books are in Danish.


periodicals_60The Archive’s collection covers more than 150 periodicals. The largest concentration is on church publications, both from the United Evangelical Lutheran Church and the most comprehensive collection of Den Danske Pioneer, a Danish language newspaper published since the 1870’s, a nearly complete collection of the Danish Brotherhood magazine, and a number of almanacs and Christmas annuals.

Periodical Inventory [395.14KB PDF]