Archive Future

posted July 9, 2010, 2:58 PM by

By now you have probably learned that Dana College is closing its doors. The Higher Learning Commission refused to allow Dana’s accreditation to continue under the new ownership and administration. Most people were surprised by this sudden turn of events, but others had remained skeptical that the conversion of Dana to a for-profit liberal arts college would be a viable option.

Dana’s demise does not mean the end of The Archive. In fact, distinctly hopeful signs are arising that the Archive can continue, even if it does not continue at Dana. On Tuesday, July 6, 2010, we will meet with John Mark Nielsen, Director of the Danish Immigrant Museum, and Marnie Jensen, a most sympathetic member of Dana’s Board of Regents, and others who can help sort out the available options.

In the light of the rapid changes now unfolding, and the opportunities that may be arising for the Archive to move to a good place, The Archive’s Board of Directors is also meeting on Tuesday, July 27th. There will be a lot to discuss and a lot to do.