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From a starting point of zero in July of 2010, the DAAL’s endowment fund has grown to a total of almost $54,000 as of May 2014. This total may not seem too impressive for large, well-connected archives such as are housed at major colleges and universities with full-time paid staff, but to a small, independent archive that functions with mainly volunteer labor, it is astonishing! This total was achieved primarily from four major memorials through family endowment funds:

  • The Dagmar Vasby Endowment
  • The Reverend Aster and Ruth Neve Family Endowment
  • Deloris Hansen Bengtson Endowment
  • C.I. “Jerry” Lund Endowment

Growing our endowment fund is essential for the long-term health of the DAAL. If, for example, we could build the fund up to $5 million, the interest accrued would more than cover our annual operating expenses.

If you have a family member you would like to memorialize in this way, please consider a donation to the DAAL endowment fund. You don’t have to have an endowment fund of your own—you can specify endowment on any contribution. ​These funds will always be held apart from our other income so that they have a chance to grow.