DAAL’s Permanent Home

posted July 30, 2015, 5:03 PM by

July 30, 2015, is a banner day in the history of the DAAL!  This morning Executive Director Jill Hennick and Archive President Gary Madsen signed the paperwork for the DAAL to become the owner of the building where we are currently located.  This development is the result a cooperative building project with the Blair City Library turning out to be too expensive for us and a wonderful offer from previous building owner, John Eriksen, to sell us the building at an extremely reasonable price.  Owning our own building has several advantages for us:
•    It eliminates the need for us to pack up and move.  (Those of us who experienced the evacuation from Dana College really appreciate this!)
•    It allows us to rearrange our space for maximum efficiency so we can accommodate all the materials that continue to come our way.
•    It allows us to dictate our own destiny without the need to answer to any other organization.

Going forward we will strive to make the DAAL continue to be the foremost repository for Danish American materials in North America.

For the first time, the DAAL has a permanent home, and we’re here to stay!