FAC0005_300 Danish Lutheran Publishing House The Danish Lutheran Publishing House has been gone for over half a century. Yet for sixty-seven years, the LPH, as it was informally known, was a prolific and persuasive presence in the world of Danish American Lutherans. It was founded in 1893 at the convention of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church Association in Racine, Wisconsin. This decision was an outgrowth of efforts going back as far as 1872 to establish some form of Danish Lutheran publishing activity on this side of the Atlantic. The periodical Kirkelig Samler (Church Gatherer) was begun in 1872 and a mail order book selling business made an appearance in 1886.
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composing_150 Composing Room
The composing room of the Danish Lutheran Publish House is where the text and photos were “composed” into columns and pages.
composing_man composing_man2 composing_man3 composing_posters

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composing_christmas hearts Detail of room decorations on the ceiling.
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presses_150 Printing Presses
To large sheet presses of the Danish Lutheran Publishing House. These presses fortunately survived the 1953 fire.

Type setting at the Linotype

Will Johnson, shop foreman for the publishing house from the its beginnings until 1952, is at the linotype in the composing room at the Danish Lutheran Publishing House.

linotype_man2linotype_man linotype_beanslinotype_switch

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sales_150 Sales Room
The sales room of the Danish Lutheran Publishing House was located in the Northwest front room of the building. It displayed a large selection of materials printed by the publishing house.
sales_people Detail of sales staff.
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sales_postcards Detail of picture postcards
of local Blair landmarks
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sales_boat Detail of picture of the Titanic
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board_150 Lutheran Publishing House Board of Directors, c. 1950’s
Row 1: H. Irving Petersen
Row 2: John Gebuhr, Marcus Beck, Andrew Staby, F.C.M. Hansen
Row 3: Otto Stave, N.O. Berthelsen, William Larsen, Homer Nielsen
Photo from Martha Staby
FAC0005_300 Lutheran Publishing House Buildings
West front of the Lutheran Publishing House at the corner of but 17th and Front. It is thought that this photograph was found in the building remains after the 1953 fire that destroyed the building.