Visit the Danish American Commemorative Wall

The Danish American Commemorative Wall is the first thing hundreds of visitors see when they enter the DAAL. The panels are affixed to the wall bordering our moveable shelving and the modular design allows us to expand. View the galleries of sponsored panels below.

Sponsors help support the DAAL while creating an educational exhibit that will last. The different levels are:

  • Benefactor: $5,000 for a 12” x 12” panel
  • Patron: $2,500 for a 12” x 5.5” panel
  • Friend: $1,000 for a 5.5” x 5.5” panel

Interested in sponsoring a panel? Those sponsoring a panel will have input during every stage of design of their panel. Call the Danish American Archive and Library for more information: 402-426-7910.

12" x 12" Panels

  • CB and Abelone Larsen
  • Charles Bentsen Family
  • Danish Home for the Aged, Inc.
  • Donald and Audrey Pedersen
  • John and Meta Nielsen
  • Leon and Alice Neve
  • Linda Karen Miller
  • Myrvin & Anne Christopherson
  • Oscar and Dody Johnson
  • Paul & Lela Neve
  • Pope and Elizabeth Nielsen
  • Bob & Erna Berthelsen

Many times groups of people get together to sponsor a panel. We have binders at the DAAL showing examples of finished panels that can be checked out and used to share the ideas with family members or your organization. We can also send examples by email.

12" x 5.5" Panels

Some organizations have become sponsors without having any idea of what to put on the panel. We are always willing to offer ideas and write a first draft. The hope is to find a topic that is appropriate for the sponsoring organization.

5.5" x 5.5" Panels

Visitors are enjoying the exhibit and sponsors are stopping by to see the finished product. The Danish American Archive and Library is fortunate that so many of our supporters have embraced the opportunity to create this dramatic exhibit.