Our collections provide a wealth of first-hand information for families and researchers.  We are in the process of expanding all the collections listed below to show just a small sample of the valuable photos and documents contained within.  As you click on the links, we hope this taste will inspire you to contact us for more information.

Alvin and Edel Petersen-Diaries, letters, sermons, clippings, expense records. 22 boxes. Click to view samples.

A. M. Andersen-A small, but rich collection from one of the founders of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church and the founder of Trinity Seminary and Dana College. Letters, sermons, family records, a family Bible, clippings, an autobiography, photos and books.

Anker and Vita Jensen-Diaries, letters, sermons, clippings, recipes. 35 boxes.

Borge Christensen-Personal and professional documents, plus an inventory of professional materials that have been deposited in the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota. 112 boxes.

N.C. Carlsen-Personal papers and official files of this UELC president from 1925-1950. 33 boxes.

Clifford and Florence Hanson-Letters, pictures, lecture notes, records of this Dana College academic dean. 58 boxes.

Dana College-Records, photographs, minutes of meetings, professors’ notes, news releases, books, histories, yearbooks, student publications, newsletters and more.

The Danish Brotherhood and Sisterhood of America–member lists, minutes of meetings, financial records, ceremonies and convention records. Approximately 250 boxes.

The Danish Lutheran Publishing House-Publications including novels, memoirs, devotional materials, periodicals, hymnbooks, synodical yearbooks, Danish grammars.

Ejner and Arta Christiansen Family-Letters, pictures, clippings, documents, genealogy, business records. 20 boxes

Edward and Shirley Hansen-Letters, writings, diaries, journals, special collections on pastors, individuals and institutions by this former bishop of the ALC.  Approximately 110 boxes.

Family and Individual Files-Clippings, obituaries, pictures, material on 1,341 individuals currently. 39 boxes.

Peter Hansen-C.C. Mengers Family-Letters, diaries, sermons, clippings, pictures, records, documents. 219 boxes.

Hansen-Nielsen-Plume – A rich and detailed collection of letters, postcards, photos, emigration and naturalization records, ships’ passenger lists, estate documents, 8 mm films and many other records.  55 boxes

Harold and Ruth Holm-Records, clippings, pictures, writings, church materials. 30 boxes.

P.C. Jensen-Letters, sermons, memorabilia, records of all UELC pastors by this former statistician of the UELC. 75 boxes.

Hans Jorgensen-Sorn Carl Sorensen Family-Letters, diaries, records, documents, pictures, clippings, business records. 126 boxes.

John W. and Elizabeth Nielsen-Letters, papers, writings, pictures, clippings. 45 boxes.

Chris Korshoj Family-Letters, pictures, clippings, business records.

Simon Korshoj Family-Letters, pictures, clippings, business records. 37 boxes.

Luella K. Nielsen-Letters, diaries, lecture notes, clippings, memorabilia. 54 boxes.

Norman C. Bansen-Letters, pictures, lecture notes, writings, clippings. 80 boxes.

Paul C. Nyholm-Letters, notes, manuscripts, records, lectures, tests, pictures, articles. 41 boxes.

Richard and Lois Andersen-Letters, sermons, bulletins, clippings, writings. 37 boxes.

Dagmar Petersen Vasby-Letters, diaries, pictures, albums, writings, notes, documents. 35 boxes.

P.S. Vig Family-Letters, papers, clippings, documents, pictures, scrapbooks, notes, obituaries and family records for people buried in Washington County, Nebraska. 66 boxes. Available in the Online Archive.

Boas Weismann-Church records, bulletins, booklets, reports. 21 boxes.

Sophus Keith Winther-Letters, books, papers, clippings, pictures, dime novel collection, manuscript of an unpublished novel of this author of the Grimsen trilogy. 41 boxes.

Walker-Johnson Family-Letters, writings, diaries, journals, papers, clippings, documents, pictures, scrapbooks, notes, memorabilia, business records. 165 boxes.

Of these large holdings, the Hansen-Mengers, Jorgensen-Sorensen and Walker-Johnson collections are notable because they each span more than a century and contain more than 15,000 letters each, much of it being two-way correspondence. These are the largest collections of Danish American single-family letters known to exist.

In addition to these large individual collections, the archive houses approximately 3,500 smaller individual collections and institutional holdings.